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House of wax 39


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Apologies to everyone for the late arrival of this episode, we are had a few glitches regarding our technical side, but better late than never! This episode is a soulful mix by Waxmus, the house of wax mix tapes have been 70% Deep House on our previous installations, so we have decided to kill the rumours that our supreme selector is only a Deep House Dj, as opposed to popular belief Waxmus mixes all types of House music, including hip hop, kwaito and any genre that has a 4/4 on it. we hope you enjoy this soulful mix and stay tuned for no 40 which will be a selection of afro deep... find us on twitter and FB @waxmus @house_of_wax

House of wax 38


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House of wax 37



Monday, July 15, 2013


Our Vision

To promote and care for the well-being of children in our care, in order to meet their basic needs so that they could be well integrated into society.
Our Mission
To provide care as a practical response to specific identified urgent needs of the children and the community.

Strategic objectives
*         To protect children in need of care and provide them with support.

*         To enhance the need-based programs such as education, shelter, health, psychosocial and spiritual.

*         To identify critical issues in the community

Bethany Children’s Home
Established in the early 1930’s, it was previously a home for girls with juvenile deliquence. The home program was changed in 1980 when it was registered as a place of safety for children from dysfunctional families, children removed from their families by the court of law to be placed in our care.

Some of the children in our care are orphans, abandoned, and many of them have been abused.

 Our program helps the children to cope and heal from the challenges they have met in their lives. We raise their self-esteem and prepare them to live a holistic life. Our ultimate goal is to integrate the child to the community by creating host parenting programs which develops into foster parenting.

We monitor home visits to biological parents to promote healthy relationship at the best interest of the child.

 The children participate in sports, music and extra mural activities to show their talents.

We encourage independent participation in different skills and extra mural activities to help develop them holistically.

Bethany is registered to house 110 children between 10 and 18 years of age

 Bethesda House

Bethesda House was officially opened on the 29th August 1993.

It was then a home to abandoned children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. Today even children who are not infected by the virus are also admitted.

We provide social, spiritual, psychological, emotional and intellectual support and care.

Our ultimate goal is to integrate the children to the community through host parenting program that leads to foster parenting or adoption.

Bethesda House can accommodate 32 children, boys and girls.

Carl Sithole Memorial Crèche

The Carl Sithole crèche  caters for 75 children. Some of these children are from Bethesda  House, some are from our OVC programme, others from the Support group, and some from the community at large.

The crèche operates from Mondays to Fridays, 7am—5pm.

It runs a basic five-fold programme:

Creativity , Story telling,  Discussion, Music,  Spiritual Care

The children are taught various life skills such as general hygiene (brushing teeth, etc…) and are prepared for their first year at school.

They are provided with two main meals (Breakfast and Lunch) and two snacks during the day.

 Lancaster Community Resource Centre
This programme is also known as Bethesda House community outreach programme. It was established to alleviate the psychological and emotional trauma suffered by members of the community infected with and affected by HIV,AIDS. We engage in campaigns aimed at raising HIV/AIDS awareness and removing the stigma associated with the virus. We identify families affected by HIV/AIDS and render services to them. We help them to alleviate pain, suffering and rejection they endure.

Our kids club programme, previously known simply as Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC’s) program, caters for children hit by the tragedy of losing their parents, plunged into economic crisis and insecurity and struggling without services or support system in impoverished communities. Other children from the community are also welcome.
We also run Home Based Care and Peer Education programmes. Home visits are done by the community workers and volunteers (from the support group).

Bethany Combined School
Bethany Combined primary School (Grades 1 - 8) accommodates children from Bethany Children’s Home and Bethesda House, and children from the community

Plot 64 Chris Hani Road, Klipspruit Ext. 2 Soweto 1808

P.O.Box 180, Orlando 1804

Tel: (+27) 011 527 1109


Banking details:

The Salvation Army Red Shield Account

Account number: 50540087604

First National Bank – Braamfontein , Branch code: 251905

Reference: Bethany girls home or Bethesda House – your name


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Below is the track list of this episode, go on and enjoy.

1-  House of wax – Some kings (deeper mix)
2-  St. Thomas -- Romachalume
3-  George  Absent -- There is a path
4-  5 year diynamics “stimming” -- Trombone
5-  Stimming – Window Shopping
6-  Stimming – The Song
7-  5 year diynamics “stimming” – Sexy Biest
8-  Amz Beat & Mike Rusche -- Einz
9-  Ryan May -- Freerange
10- Jamie Anderson & Owain k – do you know 

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THIS IS A STRICTLY NICK SOLE SPECIAL: once again we bringing you a guest mix courtesy of the deepest dj around ZWELKID. known for the hip hop sessions KASIMENTAL where hiphop heads use to battle it out to find the dopest rapper. He has been playing deep house music from 2003 and has never played any other type of house, he started the DEEPTENSION SESSIONS alongside WAXMUS, rocking one on one at club AKADEMY in DK. he is not new in the dj scene but had remained the student of house music, specifically deep house. this is the second mixtape he has ever shared with the public, having mixed first DEEPTENSION mixtape using records. In this special HOUSE of WAX edition, he is mixing a strictly NICK SOLE collection, having being a staunch collector of his music. We hope you enjoy his taste of deep house. ps: you can find him on TWITTER @zwelkid and the rest of the crew @house_of_wax @waxmus @sechsechaba @cottonbabe and @vonbheksta free link: via #soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/houseofwax23/house-of-wax-023

Thursday, July 5, 2012

FINALLY HERE!!! our first performance for our studio album that is yet to be released......... for more info and directions to the venue please call: 083 337 0481


house of wax ep

Wednesday, June 13, 2012



1-      House of wax – lost in Jozi (main mix)
2-      Gmbos - analog
3-      Nastee Nev feat. Kafele Bandele- Reach part 1(Nastee Nev Crazy fingers mix)
4-      Harley & Muscle – Bass level
5-      Distant people feat. Nickson – My love song (|Zepherin Saint tribe vocal mix)
6-      At one feat. Wyoma – African healing dance (atjazz remix)
7-      Sugar house – Hotel piano
8-      Arnold Jarvis – Just say it
9-      Ricci Melillo – could it be (UPI mix)
10-  Mark Di Meo feat. Nickson – Let it be love
11-  N’dinga Gaba & Sahffi – summer breee (atjazz main mix)

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link for the mixtapes: http://www.waxmus.podomatic.com

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

house of wax music video...


                                                                    HOUSE OF WAX 16

1-      Bohhdi Savta – Africa
2-      Jullian Gomez feat. Bobby – Love songs 28 ep
3-      Tamara Wellons - Euphoria  (instr mix)
4-      SoulCool – Lonely days
5-      Vincemo feat. Crimson Blue – Too cute to dance “Hang session mix”
6-      Room 806 – You
7-      Micasa – These streets
8-      Dacapo – I choose to stay
9-      Dacapo & Punk – Satisfaction
10-  Ralf Gum feat. Robert Owens – Fly free
11-  Kenny Bobien – Special day (ruin instrumental)
12-  House of Wax – original kings of house (unreleased)

@waxmus &  @house_of_wax 
FREE DOWNLOAD LINK: via #soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/house_of_wax/16-house-of-wax-16